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adj  \ bəˈspōk \

(of goods, especially clothing) made to order: a bespoke suit.

Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.

Mark Twain


Custom Goods

When we say custom, we mean custom.  Every garment or accessory is made individualized and designed to last a lifetime.  We offer custom polos, sportswear, shoes and belts, all designed with your size, shape and personality in mind.

Shoe builder

Take a virtual visit to our Bespoke Factory to create a fully-customized shoe for any occasion.


The style and cut of a garment makes a huge difference in your overall appearance.  After all, you want to wear your clothes, not let your clothes wear you.


The world is full of quick, first impressions and impulsive, online purchases. Consequently, it’s become increasingly more important to stand out from the crowd in any way you see fit. The most notable first glance is how you present yourself. From head, to toe, you have the ability to express not only who you are, but why you have something special that the guy next to you doesn't. And arguably the most important piece of your impression is something you don’t physically wear, but rather, an energy you emit. Your confidence in not only yourself, but the clothes that you wear, has a psychological impact on the way you act from the moment you step out the front door.  


Detroit Bespoke was created with this ideology in mind - that wearing something fully-custom to your size, fit and personality shapes your day in subtle, yet impactful ways.  


Matthew Thatcher, owner and lead custom clothier of Detroit Bespoke, uses his 15 years of experience in the luxury clothing industry as the backbone of his business. Before moving back to his native city in 2012, Matt worked in Los Angeles with world-class designers and top Hollywood designers creating garments for dozens of major box office hits. His knowledge, experience and passion for custom clothing create a synergistic relationship for all of his clients. And with deep roots in the city’s revitalization, Detroit Bespoke is the custom clothier with a mission as monumental as its stomping grounds.

Our mission is simple; to provide you with the confidence in your day-to-day endeavors by creating a fully-customized fit and look using only the highest-quality fabrics made in the USA. We craft pieces that define a time in your life, that will last you the rest of your life. 



our story.


Detroit Bespoke is a private studio.

To book an appointment or fitting

             Please  Contact us at

              + 414 305 7445

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Chris LeBlanc

This is the only place to go to if you are in need of custom clothing. Matt pays close attention to detail and delivers a superior product. Would highly recommend.

Joanne Leider

Matt’s clothing transforms a man’s body. He knows how to create jackets and pants that accentuate and balance into a perfect fit. The fabric is gorgeous and feels luxurious. My husband feels more confident and our friend Matt worked with has received several compliments every time he wears his jacket or suit.

Highly recommend. It is so worth it.

Patrick Sheposh

Fantastic. Matt has an incredible eye for fabrics, combinations & color. His patient demeanor helps you weigh options and his sincerity adds confidence when making a selection. The result...literally a perfect fit that is uniquely me in fit and style. Highly recommend.

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